Business Media Production Services

Why Us?

There are a lot of good media production companies available to produce your project. Why should you hire us to produce yours?

Don't take our word for it.
Don't just ask us We think we're pretty good at what we do, but by all means, ask our customers! We work almost exclusively on "word of mouth" advertising, and have repeat customers dating back to the beginning of our operations in 1985.

What will our clients tell you?
They'll tell you that we always work with their best interests at heart. That their goals for the project were always the guiding factors during the production process. That while producing their project, we functioned as an extension of their own company. That if there were two ways to do something, one that benefited Sica Productions more and one that benefited their project more, we chose the latter. That when we're occasionally asked to sell them something that isn't in their best interests, we've actually "unsold" them on the project.

What does this get us?
Satisfied customers. Repeat business. Enthusiastic referrals. Our current clients are our best references to convince you that we'll take care of your project. We make them look good, and we'll make you look good. Just ask them. (Please contact us for a list of recent clients.)

What does this get you?
If you talk with our clients, we think that you'll come to the conclusion that we'll take very good care of you too! And that we'll work to keep your comfort level HIGH during the entire production process. And isn't that really what you want?

A note about technology.
We've got the technology to do the job. DVCam, Betacam, Final Cut Pro digital editing, etc. etc. etc. But heck, everybody's got good technology these days. Technically speaking, these days you could hardly make bad video any more if you tried! But telling your story effectively? That's another story. We've been successfully telling our clients' stories for 20 years. and we've gotten pretty good at it!

Please call us for information on how we can put our experience to work for you.

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