Business Media Production Services
  Production Stills
  Our 1300 square foot shop includes a small studio area, an editing bay (seen here), offices and equipment and tape storage and a voiceover booth. We have two editing systems, supported by a variety of video recorders, monitors and audio equipment.
  An edit session in progress.
  A voiceover narration session in progress.
  Here's a few shots of some "60 minutes" style interviews conducted on location in Texas.
  Providing video coverage of meetings is perhaps one of the less glamourous part of our professional lives, but arguably one of the most important.

Here are some shots of our coverage of a radiology research symposium.
  Sales meetings are also important to our clients, and therefore important to us!
  Animation is an important component of many of our productions. Animation allows the audience to see things invisible to the eye. It also helps visualize abstract concepts. Sometimes it's used to entertain.